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Make it your aim to promote the cause of truth and righteousness, and to spread the Kingdom of God at home and abroad. Be ready to take your part fearlessly in declaring His message and in witnessing to His power.

13th Advice from the Book of Discipline of Ohio Yearly Meeting, 2001

Friends, welcome to the Conservative Friend.  This site is under the care of Stillwater Monthly Meeting of Ohio Yearly Meeting of Friends, and is intended to help spread the message that Christ has come to teach His people Himself.  Through this labor we hope to welcome seekers, finders, and returning strayed sheep to the worship of God in Spirit and in Truth, as maintained by the Conservative Friends of Ohio Yearly Meeting since our organization in 1813.

This website is an outreach organ, intended to supply information and encouragement not elsewhere available. For other Yearly Meeting materials, please visit our Yearly Meeting website at

It is important to remember that the message we carry is not that of just another peculiar and eccentric denomination or sect.  What we have is a timeless message for all people, everywhere, and we invite you to come and learn more about it.  Parts of this message have been spoken from pulpits, temple steps, open fields, and primitive altars for as long as human beings have tried to achieve communion with God.  The Religious Society of Friends has tried to put the pieces together into the coherent whole that most clearly and cleanly leads to the relationship with God that He intended for all people.  But don't take our word for it.  Wait upon the Lord yourself, and see what He tells you.  We have tried to help you in that task by presenting you with the contents of this website.

And as long as you're here, please take a moment to look around.  The strength of Conservative Quaker faith and practice lies in unity, not in uniformity, and much of the content we have posted here is difficult to find or unavailable anywhere else.  Leave a comment in
Our Guestbook or email us from our Contact Us page.  Thanks for visiting.
What's New

Quaker Spring 2016

Hello, Friends--As you know, Quaker Spring will be held this year in Barnesville, Ohio from June 28 to July 2.  I wanted to let you know that some of us are feeling led to come a day early for a time of worship and reflection around the issue of racial healing. We are scheduling this as a separate pre-gathering, so that Quaker Spring itself can be faithful to the ideal of being truly unprogrammed.  Here's the minute developed by the planning committee:

 "We grieve for the wounds caused by racism in our country, and take ownership of our failure over the past two years to keep Quaker Spring an open and welcoming place for everyone, including Friends of Color. May God tender our hearts and teach us humility and the power of grace. This year we intend to make space for Friends who feel so led to explore this concern more deeply.  We commit ourselves to the goal of making Quaker Spring a place where all, however wounded, may find healing, joy, and community at the feet of the Inward Christ."

If you are able to come early, and if you feel led to be there, please join us.  On Monday, June 27, Friends Center, on the Olney Friends School campus, will be available from 2 pm on, and we are invited to prepare communal meals in the kitchen.  Beds are available in the girls dorm at Olney Friends School for Monday night for a small fee.  Stillwater meetinghouse is available for our use if we wish to meet there.   We expect to meet on Monday afternoon and evening, and on Tuesday morning, and would welcome anyone who feels led to join us for any part of that time.  Please let us know if you plan to come, and if you will need a bed for Monday night.

Blessings, Deborah Haines, for the planning committee